HERRINGTON LANDSCAPES Bespoke garden design & installation

With over 14 years of experience Herrington Landscapes can work with you to create a bespoke garden design & installation.

Let us take care of your dream garden.

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Garden Design & Visualisation

The importance of employing a professional garden designer from the outset is critical to gain the best possible end product to suit your needs. 

You wouldn’t build a house without an architect  so why build a garden without one?


Garden Installation

With over 14 year’s experience our sleek installations speak for themselves.

We only use high quality construction methods to ensure the longevity of our installs. Never cutting corners with cheaper materials or methods that look good now but not tomorrow.


Entrance & Driveways

Give your home the best curb appeal of your neighbourhood.

Marshalls approved installer.

Tobermore approved installer.


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